Versatile Range of Options

At U.S. Cabinetworks, we are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of options. All of our cabinets are made right here and made to fit your space and taste. 

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Medical & Healthcare

We know the importance of a well designed medical facility that supports the environment needed for medical professioanals and patients. Our work includes reception desks, nursing stations, patient room cabinets, dispensing tables, exam rooms, lab stations, desks, and more.

Atlanta Tech Village - Entrance

Corporate & Admin

We serve large corporations with their many office space needs. From designing and implementing reception areas to break rooms, we think through every detail to ensure productivity for your employees and convey the right corporate image for your clients. Call us for a free consultation! 

Cellairis Kiosks

Retail & Hospitality

Our custom made cabinets are made for your retail stores, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and more. We help you design for your customer and their needs as well as help you optimize your space to meet all your business needs.